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November 11, 2016

Wallow Fire / Mountain Still Open for Business

Filed under: Real Estate — rcomadmin @ 5:04 am

Wallow Fire / Mountain Still Open for Business

By James M. Maloney

Genesis Real Estate and Development, Inc.


Over the course of the last several weeks images of the Wallow Fire have been everywhere.  Phoenix newscasters doing live reports from the front lines gave us day to day updates and the internet and newspapers were full of horrific photos of what is now the largest fire in the history of the State of Arizona.  Despite the devastation to our beloved forests, one positive thing that came out of this disaster was the amazing sense of community and it reminded us all why we call The White Mountains, “Home”.   People from Heber/Overgaard to Pinetop pulled together and opened their homes for evacuees, took in animals, and donated money and time.  It was truly amazing to see how everyone came together in support for our friends to the east.


Now that the fire is finally under control and people are returning to their homes, the next important thing we have to do is support the business community in these areas.  The Wallow Fire may have taken away some of our beautiful forests but The White Mountains is STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  The community of Greer has a sign at their entrance that says, “Still Here, Still Green” and this is true.  The great shops, restaurants, and hotels are still standing and the community still possesses the majestic Colorado River, beautiful lush trees and breathtaking views.  Big Lake will open soon and word is that most of the campsites were untouched.  There are still dozens of lakes and streams still open and ready for anglers.  Take a drive from Springerville to Nutriosso and up and down the highway tall pine trees are still standing strong.  In Alpine, The Bear Wallow restaurant (Best Cheeseburger around) and Ye Old Tavern are still serving drinks and food and if you sit on the back deck of the amazing Tal-Wi-Wi hotel, you still have the same views and solitude that were there before.Australia


The White Mountains is still open for Business and we need your support.  If you are coming up from the Valley, buy your groceries here so we can benefit from the tax revenue.  If you are shopping for new fishing equipment, try Paradise Creek in Pinetop or Western Drug in Springerville.  Plan a family vacation and stay in some of the amazing hotels from Greer to Alpine.  Own a business, call one of our local Chambers and ask about corporate retreats.  There are so many amazing things to do in our community and our local merchants need your support.  We all need to remember that it’s not just the forests that we love about our area, it’s the small businesses that make up the backbone of this community.  If we don’t support them now in this time of need, we will witness the next victim of the Wallow Fire.




For more information about supporting local business in the White Mountains, please contact the Springerville, Show Low, or Pinetop/Lakeside Chambers of Commerce.  You can also send me an email, or call me at (928)367-5263.