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Property Management


Our goal at Genesis Real Estate & Development, Inc. is to make sure your real estate investment is a smart one. We are a full-service property management team committed to excellence in owner and guest services. As your representative, we are vested in your success. Our compensation is based on the results we deliver every day.

Website and Internet Marketing

Today’s vacation traveler has embraced the internet thoroughly, transforming the industry. We understand leading-edge internet marketing and promotion, and that gets your property in front of the Arizona: Flagstaff, White Mountains, Scottsdale, & Tucson travelers through our website, We present your home to its best advantage with pictures, descriptions, and searchable lists of characteristics and amenities that allow potential guests to find their perfect home quickly and easily.

At your option, we can further expand the market for your home through our marketing partner, displaying your home on a variety of vacation rental booking sites.

We will continue to enhance our marketing to keep it fresh, innovative, and successful. We understand you want to obtain the greatest revenue from your home possible, and we want the same thing. Through Genesis Real Estate’s marketing, you can put your home in front of thousands of potential guests. That translates into more bookings, and that means more revenue for you.

Pricing for Your Home

We continually monitor the market conditions in the area which helps us determine the best rates for your property. The vacation rental market in Arizona is highly-competitive. We will work with you to create a pricing strategy for your home that will maximize its rental income potential.

Guest Relations

As guests make bookings, we respond quickly to all matters concerning your home and communicate with you regularly. The success of our business depends on happy guests that will return and refer us to their family and friends. We treat our guests and owners with courtesy, respect, and a commitment to excellence.

We survey every guest and compile reviews to identify suggestions and problems that need to be addressed. Guest surveys are an important way for us to work with you in improving your home and our services.

Management Services

Genesis Real Estate is a growing business, which includes long-term rentals, residential home, land, and commercial property sales, but we put a strong emphasis on serving the vacation renter. We manage your home during your absence to protect your investment and maximize your returns.

We schedule and coordinate regular housekeeping as well as any required maintenance work.

Perform regular inspections of your home and notify you of any concerns.

Collects all rents and applicable taxes in advance and forward the proceeds directly to you.

Provide a complete monthly account statement itemizing all revenue and expenses from your home.

We understand your home is a significant investment. We are committed to making that investment profitable.

If you are interested in speaking to our Property Manager, please email